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Creative Process [Converted]-01.png Presentation design agency Canada presentation design agency canada


At Studio 42

presentations are our passion.


We help clients all over the world deliver

visually stunning and effective presentations.

Creative Process [Converted]-01.png

Be it presentations for business plans, conferences and events, product showcases or anything else – if you need it designed, we exist to liberate you from the stress of transforming your message, idea or data into an engaging visual format.

Creative Process [Converted]-01.png
Creative Process [Converted]-01.png
Creative Process [Converted]-01.png
Creative Process [Converted]-01.png
Creative Process [Converted]-01.png presentation design agency canada



Curious. Optimistic and fiercely Independent. We believe in giving and getting breathing room and space to roam – to explore and be ourselves, let natural talents take centre stage and reach full potential.

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To empower presenters, communicators and brands to be truly remarkable and deliver engaging forms of visual communication. With a strong focus on presentation design in PowerPoint and Keynote – you can rest assured we will expertly develop your visual story, to uncover your brand’s voice. Presentation design agency Canada

Bad presentations may not have actually killed anyone, but they’ve surely killed many an idea.

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